School Council

Mission Statement

We will continue to make Heath View Academy a welcoming, friendly and happy place to be. Where children learn well, work hard and are proud of their success. As a school council we will work hard to help all the children at Heath View Academy be healthy by eating well being fit and active.


Our priorities this year are to improve playtimes by creating a top team and playground activity zones. We are also going to introduce a healthy tuck shop for children in Key stage 2. Our final priority it to raise the profile of reading by increasing the amount of children reading for pleasure and increase the enjoyment of reading in the classroom.


The class councillors are:
6DB - Tegan McCann
5/6C - Ethan Dobson
5P- Maisie Harkin     
4J - Tyler Hooley       
4D - Wanessa Pietrzak  
3C - Anastasia Borowicz
3E - Chloe Mell
2B - Xavier Orlowska  
2W - Poppy Griffiths.

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